Would the Real Candidate for Change Please Stand Up?

Change. It’s all we hear about out of Obama and his band of worshipers.  Whenever I ask an Obama supporter how he will change things for the better, I hardly get an articulate answer. I listen to Barack himself, and just hear him repeating the same line of “failed Bush policies” and, of course, “change.” I hear this smooth talker dodge around questions with articulate ramblings. I hear his own V.P. candidate say how the world will test Obama within the first six months of his presidency.  I don’t hear clear concise messages of how the change will come. Just “change.”

Well, how about if we look at his track record in public service. Perhaps that will demonstrate how he has been an agent of change. While running for the Senate he ran on the same promise he’s making now. He said that taxes for the “middle class” need to be cut. He promised to work hard to get that done. Since being elected to the Senate, he has yet to introduce just one piece of legislation that would propose that long promised tax cut. Is that change? Sounds like a typical politician to me. Make a promise to get elected, then never act on it.  While running for President in this election, he has said that “they are scared of me because I don’t look like them.” I’m not part of the “old boys club,” he said. He was going to bring freshness to Washington, a real outsider. Then when it came time to choose a Vice Presidential candidate, he chose a man who has been in the Senate even longer than John McCain! Joe Biden is the very epitome of a Washington insider! But, what about the freshness?  What about the change?

I guess the people from whom this young and inexperienced politician gets his marching orders felt he was too weak on foreign policy to go at it alone.  That’s reassuring. His political leash holders suggested he choose Biden. He obeyed. At least before choosing Biden, he attempted to put up a front by going on that two week publicity tour in Europe.  I wasn’t aware they could vote in our elections.

Then we have the infamous Jeremiah Wright. This man was part of his campaign early on. As we started to get wind of his real theology of racism and disgust for America, Obama parted ways with him, hoping that would keep a lid on just how radical this guy really is. As reports came in about his preaching, each sermon we heard was more outrageous than the last! Obama was forced to officially denounce Wright’s words. Well, that makes it all better.  Whew! Am I sure glad Obama doesn’t agree with that. Are we to believe that for the 20 years that Obama sat in Wright’s church he previously didn’t have a clue as to what this man was saying? Once again his cattle follow him nodding their heads and mooing in chorus, “change, change.”

On every single vote of which Obama decided to participate in the Senate, he has always voted right along his party line. Boy, that’s a real breath of fresh air! A politician who consistently practices partisan politics; how’s that for change? If it wasn’t so pathetic this would all be laughable. I’m still looking for the change. I want to understand the euphoria of his followers. I’m not seeing it.

By the way, wasn’t it the Democrats who were critical of the McCain campaign for “hiding” Sarah Palin? Has anyone seen Joe Biden? Do we need to create “Free Joe Biden” pins?

How about John McCain? What has his political career demonstrated? In the 26 Years he has served this country as a politician, he has a track record for breaking with his own party on several issues. He is known for going against just as many Republicans as Democrats. McCain is infamous for listening to good ideas from both sides of the aisle.  In a time when politics in this country have become increasingly polarized, this is exactly what America needs. How will we ever break the gridlock, if the people in Washington continue to play partisan politics?  Not towing the party line. That’s different.

During all his 26 years as a U.S. Senator, John McCain has never asked for a single dollar in earmarks. Wow! No pork-barrel spending from a politician; that’s is really different! When John McCain says he wants to reign in government spending, this certainly adds credibility to his claim. According to a March 2008 New York Times article, Obama has already asked for more than $740 million in earmarks in his brief career as a Senator.

As a long time champion for campaign finance reform, McCain has stuck to his guns when it came time to choose how he would fund his campaign for the Presidential bid. Although this placed John McCain at a tactical disadvantage, as Obama has outspent him nearly 11 to 1 in this campaign, John McCain has not wavered. This goes a long way to demonstrate that he will not place his own interests above those of the people he represents, and is a shining example of his credibility.

Obama, on the other hand, promised he would also stick to public funding to raise money for his campaign. When it came time to put his money where his mouth is, Obama disappointed yet again. Placing his own personal interests above even the promise of his own word, he opted out of public funding, and is now somewhat “beholden” to the interests of the wealthy contributors of his campaign. In fact, the Obama campaign has raked in over $200 million from “unverifiable” sources, most outside the United States. The Obama campaign doesn’t report statistics of people who gave amounts less than $200, which has struck fear into watchdog groups who believe these donations came from foreign nationals. Each contributor is limited to $2,300 by law, but by not tracking many small donations, these could all be made by the same party far exceeding that legal limit. Now we have to be concerned that people outside of the United States are taking steps to fix the election of our leaders. John McCain has stuck to his word and his belief that those in office should answer only to the American people. In Washington D.C. it is not often you find a person of such character, especially during a Presidential campaign! That is REAL change.

While these campaign donation abuses rage into the hundreds of millions of dollars in the Obama camp, all his supporters can discuss is Sara Palin’s clothing budget. Give me a break.  Is that change?

Sarah Palin herself is evidence of McCain’s call to change. Before she was Governor of Alaska, she took on the incumbent of her own party! She had issues and differences of opinion with how things were being done, and ran to take the job on herself. During this campaign Palin and McCain have been very public about the fact that they don’t agree on every point, or even on how the campaign should be run. However, true to his willingness to be open minded, John McCain has not stifled her in any way. McCain is not threatened by their disagreements, but rather welcomes them as part of the healthy debate process that gets things moving politically. I don’t want a President who will make his administration drink the Kool Aid and tow his line or else. John McCain is willing to surround himself with people who will hold him accountable and challenge him every day on the job.

After reviewing the facts, and cutting through the rhetoric, I don’t see a single bit of evidence that Barack Obama is about change. It would seem that the only thing Obama would change is who sleeps in the White House. That is change we don’t need. McCain has a long history of change. He surrounds himself with people who keep him challenged, and he has proven time and again that he will reach out across the aisle to find real solutions to the problems that plague this nation. That is what America needs. We can no longer afford politics as usual, and are in desperate need of breaking the gridlock in Washington. We need a President that can do more than talk, we need a President that can walk his talk, and has consistently done so through his long and respected career.

Vote for real change on November 4th, by voting for John McCain.

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