Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good and Good Evil

Obama campaigned on a promise of not bringing the same old politics to Washington. He told America that it is time for a change, and we need to look forward and not backward. With intense debate and argument taking place over the issue of alleged “torture” by the Bush administration, it seems that the Obama administration is backpedaling on its promise to look forward, and the new politics look a lot like the old politics.

Leading the charge on on this witch hunt is Nancy Pelosi who claims she was never informed that waterboarding would be used as a method to interrogate the captured masterminds of the September 11th attacks. This statement of course is in direct opposition to an article written by the Washington Post in December of 2007. Once the information was made public that clearly shows she was present when the CIA demonstrated the technique, she has now floundered around stating that she knew that they “could” use the technique, but was not informed that they “would” use the technique.

What kind of logic is that? She was present as part of a bipartisan Congressional committee during a demonstration by the CIA that outlined the plans they had to use against the most horrible of terror offenders. The reason the CIA had this show and tell was to get the approval from this bipartisan committee that held the purse strings and the authority to allow them to proceed! Clearly if Pelosi was so outraged by this, her time to speak was right then. However, reports of many in the room state that was far from the tenor in the room. In fact most present in the meetings questioned if the described techniques would be enough!

So it seems that this investigation has nothing to do with the high and mighty morals of the left against torture. Rather this stinks of nothing more than another way for the Democrats to criminalize political opponents for their own gain.

Also, let’s be perfectly clear what happened here. The interrogation methods in question were not used sadistically on all captured enemy combatants. According to the reports that have been released, waterboarding was used on only three people with the express intent on getting information about more impending attacks that would have killed thousands more Americans. The three people that were waterboarded were the very top masterminds second only to Osama bin Laden himself.

Obama, since his flip-flop on this issue, has repeatedly said “we are a nation of laws” to defend his new position on investigating those in the Bush administration. I agree. We are a nation of laws. Let us take a look at our laws. If a group of people hatch a plot to kill someone, and execute that plan resulting in the death of the targeted individual, of what is this group guilty? In this country that is called 1st degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. In most states those crimes are punishable by death.

The masterminds of the September 11th atrocities conspired to hatch a plot, not to kill one person, but to kill thousands of innocent Americans. As we know, the plan was very successful resulting in over 5,000 deaths between New York, The Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania. So in our nation of laws that would mean these terror masterminds are guilty of 1st degree murder, and conspiracy to commit murder, which of course is punishable by death. Did the CIA kill these guys? No. Have they been sentenced to death? No.

In fact, not only did the interrogators not use deadly force, they were very careful as to cause no tissue damage. If waterboarding is so horrendous a practice, why then is it used as a hazing ritual at some of our military academies? I’m sure it is uncomfortable. I’m sure it scares those who endure the process. I wonder if the terrorists were as scared as the many citizens on September 11th that jumped over 80 stories to their deaths in order to escape the searing hot flames and smell of burning flesh. I wonder if the those waterboarded were as frightened as the passengers on flight 93 that knew they would most likely die, and fought the terrorists to nose the plane into the ground to keep them from accomplishing their mission. These were not soldiers who suffered and died through these events. These people were secretaries, office managers, janitors, fathers, mothers, and children.

According to investigators, flight 93 was headed for Washington D.C. and the likely target was Capitol Hill. What’s ironic is the people on flight 93 heroically kept the plane from crashing into and killing the very people who are calling out for the heads of those in the Bush administration who prevented more attacks just like the one that targeted them! Their hypocrisy only demonstrates just how far they will go to maintain power. These people would sell their own souls to demonize and make criminal the very people that kept many more Americans alive and protected this nation! They do all of this because of nothing other than party affiliation. This avarice goes beyond a difference of opinion. These extreme left wing democrats are showing their seething hatred for anyone who holds a different view then themselves, all in the name of advancing their own political agenda. Who is morally bankrupt?

The interrogation tactics used yielded very positive results. Two major plots were thwarted. One plot to take out the Brooklyn Bridge, and another plot to fly planes into buildings in downtown Los Angeles that would have duplicated the horrors of September 11th. In both instances the terror cells were already in place and the efforts in an advanced state. These attacks were imminent, and the waterboarding kept those from happening. The masterminds waterboarded are guilty of premeditated murder and deserve the death penalty under our “nation of laws.” However, the CIA was kind enough to not even break the bones of these paragons of evil. Instead, they put them through a hazing ritual to save lives, and it worked.

The Obama administration and the liberals in Congress will bring this nation to ruin if not reigned in. Obama trots around the world on his apology tour, bowing to the feet of the Saudi elites, shaking hands with the tyrannical Hugo Chavez, and reaches out to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In the eyes of the liberals we have to make nice with these sponsors of terrorism. Of  course we are no longer allowed to call it “The War on Terror,” we may wind up offending Osama bin Laden, or Obama’s new buddies who are some of the biggest financial backers of terrorist groups. Oh no!

Instead, the beltway liberals reserve harsh language, such as “torture,” only for their political opponents. Maybe the practice of waterboarding would be more acceptable in their eyes if we called it our “underwater contingency plan.”

I’m sure the Janine Garofalos of the world will try to make me out to be a “redneck” and a “racist” for disagreeing with the policies and practices of the current administration and the capitol hill liberals. That is just further evidence of the kind of divisiveness that embodies those on the far left. Everyone is a criminal who doesn’t agree with them. For the record, I have no problem with Obama being black. I am glad this nation has gotten to a point where we can elect a black man to our highest office. My problem is with the politics, practices, and policies by him and his party. It has gone too far.

This D.C. witch hunt will only serve to weaken this country, exposing us to the very real threats from those in this world who have a deep hatred for everything America stands for. Thanks to the Obama administration, our enemies now have our playbook, and can train for it. If this runaway train in Washington is not stopped, by the end of the Obama administration we will be in a severely weakened state, broke and in debt up to our eyeballs, and subservient to other nations in this world. Obama has made it clear that he detests our image of power and strength around the world. Clearly he does not see America as being a leader in the world, but would rather negate the parts of our Constitution that keep us sovereign.

The liberal rhetoric has gone too far. I’m sick and tired of listening to Obama, Pelosi, and other democrats drone on about how “we are a nation of laws.” That’s right. We are a nation of laws, and in this nation when you conspire to kill and commit murder you are sentenced to death! How then can they complain that these terrorists are being treated unfairly? These are the same people who saw off the heads and fingers of journalists simply because they are not Muslims. The campus radicals that have infected our government have gone completely mad. They will sacrifice this entire nation to retain power for themselves.

What is more ironic is that my position will probably trigger alarms for those involved in our national security, according to their latest report on “rightwing extremists,” even though I am defending their ability to interrogate this nation’s most dangerous enemies. Figure that one out!

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” ~Isaiah 5:20